2015 Official Submission Rules

This document is laid out to include information pertaining to all three festivals: Film, Music, & Photo. Each section will first include general information, then festival specific info will be inside these color boxes:

This color will contain information specific to Thin Line Film.

This color will contain information specific to Thin Line Music.

This color will contain information specific to Thin Line Photo.

Table of Contents

Key Dates
Submission Fees
How To Enter
If You Are Selected
Invited Works/Artists
Festival Shipping Address
Artist Sales

Key Dates

The 2015 Call for Entries began on August 1st. The Call for Entries will end on the below dates.

Early Bird Deadline is August 31, 2014

Regular Deadline is September 30, 2014

Late Deadline is October 31, 2014

Film has an Extended Deadline of November 30, 2014

As long as you complete the online submission process and pay by the deadline, your submission will count. You then must ensure physical delivery of your submission (if applicable) ASAP. We MUST receive all submission materials by the end of business on December 3, 2014. Otherwise, your submission will not be considered.

Submission Fees

Submission fees are in US Dollars and are non-refundable. Thin Line reserves the right to disqualify a submission, without a refund or credit, if eligibilty requirements are not met or if eligibility status changes. Each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. One submission is defined as one film, one band or musician, and one photo. Submission fees may be paid by credit card only (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).

NOTE: Students get 50% off Film and Music submission fees. Your submission must be flagged as 'student' when asked and you must e-mail a photo/copy of your student ID to submissions@thinline.us

Thin Line Film
Early Bird Deadline - Features: $20; Shorts $10
Regular Deadline - Features: $30; Shorts: $15
Late Deadline - Features: $40; Shorts: $20
Extended Deadline - Features: $60; Shorts: $30

Thin Line Music
Early Bird Deadline - $5
Regular Deadline - $10
Late Deadline - $15

Thin Line Photo
Early Bird Deadline - 5-pack for $5
Regular Deadline - 5-pack for $7.50
Late Deadline - 5-pack for $10


All forms of documentary, even those you may not consider a documentary, are eligible.
No completion date requirements.
Films of any length are accepted. Features are any film over 40 minutes. Shorts are any film up to 40 minutes.
Films with prior distribution are eligible.
No premiere requirement, although we prefer North Texas premieres.
We accept works-in-progress.
Non-English films must include English subtitles. Dialogue lists will not be accepted.
We do accept re-entries. In fact, we encourage it because there are so many good documentaries that we can't possibly program them all in one festival.
You must be able to supply us with either a link to an online screener, or mail us two DVDs (video only, no data). We do not accept any other form of screener.

All genres accepted.
Solo acts and/or full bands.
No geographical restrictions.

All genres accepted. You will have the chance to specify a category during submission. However, Thin Line reserves the right to place your images in any category.
There are no date requirements for the curated festival. Online-only competitions require that the photo be taken between November 1, 2014 and Feb 21, 2015.
Photos must hold to Article 6 of the NPPA Code of Ethics. Essentially, festival preference is for minimal editing; and any editing should "maintain the integrity of the photographic images' content and context." Cropping is allowed in all categories. Absolutely NO editing (other than cropping) is allowed in the Light Painting sub-category. If you have any questions related to this point, please feel free to e-mail us at submissions@thinline.us

How to Enter

If you plan on mailing us a DVD screener, please write your tracking ID, the film's title, and your name/phone on the disc itself. Please do not send any retail packaging. It is only a distraction, and gets thrown away. If you wish to be notified of delivery, please include a SASE or send via courier or with delivery confirmation tracking. DO NOT require a signature for any delivery. We will not pay for any taxes or duties on international shipments. Please arrange for the shipper to pay all taxes, duties, etc.

Photographs submitted during the process should be no more than 1000px on its longest side @ 72dpi and in the JPG format.
Entrants are encouraged to submit a series of photographs (up to 25 in a series).
Programmers may request to see additional work, if available.

If You Are Selected

You must deliver to the festival (i) one exhibition copy of the invited film [Exhibition copy must be a digital file format (h.264 @ 25Mbps or Apple ProRes)]; and (ii) any marketing or press materials. 
All invited filmmakers are provided housing for the night of their screening. 
All filmmakers are encouraged to attend their screening.

All invited musicians from outside of North Texas will be provded housing for the night of their performance.
You must deliver to the festival all required marketing and press materials.

If your photo is selected for print, the Program Committee will work with you on print-size and you must provide a high-resolution, print-ready format of the selected photo(s).
If your photo is selected for a digital gallery, you must provide a lossless 1920x1080 file of your photo(s).
If selected for print, you must opt in or out of the Photo Sale program. Printed images are made available for purchase during the festival with net proceeds split 50/50 with the artist. Unsold prints will be returned to the artist after the festival.

Invited Works/Artists


Best Documentary - The overall best documentary will be determined by a panel of judges. Only films pre-selected by the festival programming committee will be eligible for this award. The winner will be chosen based on the following characteristics: 1. Be technically and creatively well-rounded and consistent. 2. Contain innovative elements that utilize the array of directorial decisions and creativity including, but not limited to: interview techniques (if there are interviews), narrative flow (traditional or not), overall style and approach to subject matter, as well as interest and importance of the content, subject, and people or things involved in the film. 3. Judges will NOT judge based on personal beliefs about the subject matter itself or any ethical concerns privately held by any one jury member. Feature Winner will receive a $10,000 credit with Panavision. Short Winner will receive a $5,000 credit.

Best Denton Documentary - The Denton Award is a $1,000 cash prize for the best feature or short documentary with a 'connection' to Denton County, Texas. A 'connection' can be any tie-in related to the People, Places, and/or Spirit of Denton County. Here are a few clear-cut examples: the filmmaker was born or currently resides in Denton County, the film's main character was born in or currently resides in Denton County, or the film features a Denton County location or individual city/community. Here are a few not-so-clear-cut examples: the film uses Denton County locations but they aren't featured or identifiable, the film's subject matter deals with a topic or issue currently affecting the people of Denton County, or the film's subject went to school in Denton County. All of the above examples would be eligible for this award. The criteria are meant to be broadly applied; but if you have a question send us an e-mail.

Best Student Short Documentary - The same criteria used in the Thin Line Best Documentary Award except it only applies to short documentaries which are labelled as a Student project. Recipients are awarded a $500 cash prize.

Thin Line Music is not a competitive event.

Best of Category Awards - Three photos will be chosen from each of the four themes: Best of Category, Runner-Up, and Honorable Mention. First and Second place winners will receive a cash prize. This award is given to the photographs that most well represent their category.

A Thin Line of Light - This award is given to the most outstanding Light Painting. Absolutley no editing is allowed. Images will be judged on originality, technical mastery, difficulty, and visual aesthetics. One photographer will receive $1,000 in cash and prizes.

Student Awards - Student photographers may submit work into the Elementary, Middle, or High School student categories. The top three photos from each category will receive a cash award.

Festival Shipping Address

Do NOT require a signature on delivery. If you must physically mail a submission, send it here:

Thin Line Fest Submissions
5012 Pebble Beach Trl
Denton, TX 76208

Artist Sales

Filmmakers can sell their film before and after their screening(s). A small area will be provided outside of the theatre to setup.

Musicians will be provided an area to sell merchandise at the performance venue. 

During the submission process, photographers are given the chance to opt-in to the Photo Sale Program. If a photographer participates, and if the photo is printed for exhibit, their work will be assigned a gallery rate which will be displayed alongside the photograph. Festival attendees will be able to purchase these items on a first-come-first-serve basis (picked up or delivered post-fest). Revenue is split 50/50 between the photographer and the festival.